"Het moment vastgelegd, binnenste buiten, voor mij een mooie confrontatie met de persoon die ik het beste ken, dankjewel Alex."


"Photography, born in the 19th century at the turn of the various artistic avant-gardes, has now developed world-wide as an art form. Every contemporary photographer, who proposes an aesthetic principle in his pictures, can be identified as an artist.

Alex Vreeman is one of these artist-photographers. 

His artistic expression is influenced, without a doubt, by the dutch aesthetic taste. The artistic talent of Alex Vreeman also comes from a deep knowledge.

Like the Dutch artists of the Golden Age, in particular Frans Hals, the representation of a portrait becomes an occasion for telling a mood or state of mind. Alex Vreeman's photographs are portraits of such intensity that they provoke sensations that the subject cannot grasp except through Alex's aesthetic art.

Alex communicates feelings through the eyes of his subjects, creating new concepts and perceptions of humanity. The principle is not the aesthetic catalyst but the feeling itself.

Alex Vreeman's portraits, like those of Frans Hals, give us the impression that their subjects have been captured at one unique moment in time, one on the photographic film or file and the other on canvas. Alex Vreeman's photographic portraits are an occasion for pure sublime feeling."

Thank you for the beautiful photos.

Maria Letizia Ferracuti

Letizia has a degree in study and preservation of the historical and artistic heritage.


"Bij Alex komen zijn technische kennis van fotografie en de gave om de menselijke ziel te openen samen in zijn portretten." 


"Ondanks verborgen verdriet kijk ik mooier naar mijzelf."